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How to Resolve Insomnia

Reasons for Insomnia.

The reasons for insomnia can be numerous and multifaceted. They can range from endocrine disorders to emotional turmoil. Through a BodyTalk treatment, a formula is revealed that re-establishes communication to areas of the body/mind that have been compromised. These breakdowns in communication can have a variety of effects on the body, one of which can be insomnia.

BodyTalk and Insomnia.

The beauty of BodyTalk is that we do not need to know or figure out what is not working properly in the body. BodyTalk neither diagnosis nor treats any condition! What it does is reveal where the breakdown in communications are and by re-intergrading those areas in the body and mind the symptoms no longer manifest.

BodyTalk allowing for better sleep patterns.

One of the natural “side-effects” of a BodyTalk treatment is the ability to get to sleep better and have more quality to that sleep. Each technique in a BodyTalk treatment is aimed to bring harmony back to the person. If there are no energy blockages in the mind or the body, the sleep cycle is more apt to stay within its circadian rhythms.

Releasing emotional tension to allow for sleep.

As insomnia typically has a psychological component, the ability to release emotional tension and stress can significantly reduce the episodes of insomnia. There is a particular technique called the Active Memory release which allows for the release of belief systems and memories that can trigger emotional responses that keep a person up at night. When the mind is calm the body can relax and so sleep can been experienced.

Whatever the reasons for insomnia, BodyTalk can help with balancing the body and mind so that when your head hits the pillow you can fall to sleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and revitalized.