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Success Starts with Embracing Conflict

Opportunity for awareness.

Behind each conflict there is the potential for greater awareness and understanding of yourself.

Conflict stimulates emotional triggers.

Conflict creates triggers. These triggers are past memories with unresolved emotional trauma attached to them (ie. being bullied as a child). Another trigger can be a rigid belief system (ie. “Everyone should be treated with respect.”). When presented with a conflict situation, the body reacts as if it is being attacked and so the conflict not only creates emotional distress it also creates physical symptoms and responses.

Conflict allows for the gaining of wisdom.

So why do we have so much conflict in our life if is it emotionally upsetting and physically stressful? Because conflict is the door to gaining wisdom and strength about yourself! If the body was not under stress there would be no need for an immune system. Our bodies only become stronger if there is stress put on them. Just like a body builder literally tears his muscle tissue in order to gain more muscle mass, the mind must be stressed in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Conflict is natural.

Our body, mind and spirit are all meant to be challenged so that they can gain the knowledge in how to improve their situation and through that knowledge become wiser and stronger. It is the building blocks of our evolution.

Confronting Conflict.

So running away from conflict will not ease the emotional trauma, in fact it will attract even more conflict until the conflict is finally addressed and wisdom is revealed. To enter the eye of the storm and truly look at what the situation is trying to reveal will provide the knowledge that can then be transferred into wisdom. This does not mean that a person has to suffer with the emotional burdens when confronted with a conflict situation.

Disassociating the emotion from conflict.

There are ways to dissociate the emotional charge from a past experience or a rigid belief system so that the person can gain the wisdom by working through the conflict without the overwhelming emotional triggers.

BodyTalk as a tool in conflict.

BodyTalk works on the subconscious level of the mind where memories and belief systems are stored. Through a BodyTalk session the triggers can be addressed and the emotional charge to the memory or belief system can be balanced so that the person can still remember the event, but have no emotional attachment to it. This provides the person with the ability to enter into a conflict situation and remain calm, reflective and respond from an honest and heart-centred place rather than from a purely reactive emotional response.

Embracing conflict.

Once a person embraces conflict and what it truly offers, the potential for greater understanding and appreciation of what is can be realized. So don’t run away from conflict, take the bull by the horns and learn what you are destined to experience and become wiser!vd