BodyTalk and Fertility

The causes of infertility are vast and multifaceted. The ability to conceive and carry a child can be thought of how an orchestra works. If all the musicians are not synchronized and follow the lead of the conductor, the outcome will be a jumble of incoherent sounds. Every musician needs to be in constant communication and synchronicity in order to create a harmonic symphony.

In the case of infertility, the areas of the body/mind that are not in synchronicity can be on a physical, mental or energetic level. There may be physical barriers such as blocked fallopian tubes or endometriosis. There may be hormonal imbalances. However, in my experience, everyday stressors create energetic blockages which affect the person’s ability to reproduce.

The Ayurvedic chakras and Chinese meridians are energetic areas of the body that can be affected by stress. When the chakras and meridians are compromised, this breakdown filters down to the endocrine and organ level. If not rebalanced this can lead to issues on the tissue and cellular level.

BodyTalk has the ability to tap into the vast knowledge from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine along with other areas to bring about balance without the use of herbs, medicines or even acupuncture needles! Whatever the condition or reason for infertility, BodyTalk reveals where the communication breakdowns are and re-establishes harmony so that the whole body can work in synchronicity to allow new life to begin and flourish.

As there may be many imbalances in the body/mind that are inhibiting the a person from conceiving, more than one BodyTalk treatment will be required. With that said, I have had a client that conceived after only one treatment! BodyTalk honours the client and will only provide the client with what changes the client’s body/mind can handle at that particular time.

If you or someone you know is having difficulties conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to full term, go to and book an appointment with Cheryl.

By re-establishing lines of communication BodyTalk restores vitality and energy which is essential in creating and nurturing new life.


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