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It is amazing to witness when clients have their “ah ha” moment and realize what was the root cause(s) to their personal struggles.

By journeying through BodyTalk your personal “story” is revealed and a shift in your consciousness occurs which brings balance to the level of the body/mind that was compromised.

Cheryl’s clients enjoy the fact that when they enter her healing room they instantly start to feel relaxed. The unwinding and unburdening that allows for healing takes place in a safe and nurturing environment.

As an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner and PaRama graduate, Cheryl has extensive knowledge in all areas of BodyTalk and has also studied directly under the founder in his latest advanced courses presented.

Anyone that has met Cheryl can attest to the fact that her passion is for BodyTalk and she looks forward to continuing the facilitating of healing with individuals seeking that shift in their life. click here for more info >>


Let’s get to know each other. During this initial consulation we can discuss your options and what expectations you can expect from BodyTalk treatments. There is no obligation and we can meet either in person, on the phone, through Skype or even text messaging. You are just a click away from creating the life that you want to live.