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About BodyTalk
What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is an energy/consciousness based alternative healthcare modality.  It works on the subconscious level of the mind to identify the root cause or causes of imbalance in the body/mind complex.  This awareness allows for areas of the body/mind to re-establish their proper lines of communication.  It is when the body/mind is not properly communicating symptoms of dis-ease in the physical, mental and emotional levels occur.


The BodyTalk practitioner acts as a facilitator and observer during the BodyTalk treatment and reveals a formula which shows where communication needs to be re-established.  This information and awareness is then downloaded into the client’s body/mind complex and allows for the natural healing to occur.  Through the practitioner being present and aware, dramatic change and improvements in health and vitality can occur.


BodyTalk is recommended for any health concern as it works on balancing and intergrading the client’s entire body and mind.  Conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, headaches, infertility, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, aging, sports injuries, sport performance, car accident injuries, past life issues, family dynamics and even corporate dynamics can be addressed through a BodyTalk session.

Can BodyTalk be used as a preventive health care modality?

Yes! BodyTalk is very effective at keeping people at their peak performance. In fact should something like a surgery or sports activity be planned in the future, we can do what we call a Performance Agenda so that your body and mind are in peak performance for that event.  This type of session has been incredibly successful to minimize inflammation and swelling and speed up recovery times. Maintenance sessions can also be recommended monthly to every six weeks to help the client stay on top of their health.

How often are treatments scheduled?

Yes! BodyTalk is very effective at keeping people at their peak performance.  Maintenance sessions can be recommended monthly to every six weeks to help the client stay on top of their health.

In BodyTalk this information is revealed at the end of the session.  The next session can be scheduled from one to eight weeks.

How many treatments does it typically take to resolve the ailment?

Each individual is unique and as such their history and symptoms are specific to them.  BodyTalk is individualized and what causes a dis-ease in one person is not the same root causes in another.  BodyTalk reveals through the session where the priority for balancing is for that specific person at that specific time - that is the beauty of it!  It customizes through its nature to ensure that what needs to be balanced and addressed is done.


BodyTalk only works as fast as the client’s body/mind complex is responsive to the balancing/change.  This is a good thing as you do not want the client to have a healing crisis which can happen in other modalities where the body if forced to process more than it can handle.  It really depends on how deeply seated the belief systems or root causes of the ailment are and how fast the client can shift.  In my personal experience chronic disorders require at least a five treatment commitment from the client.  This commitment allows time for the bodymind to download a new way of being and living and allows for longer and more profound changes.  It also allows a benchmark for review of progress and where the treatments may need to focus on.  As the famous saying states, "It did not take a day to build Rome". As such, it is unlikely that just one session will fix the condition that took months or even years to create.  Give your body and mind a chance and make a commitment to yourself!

Is BodyTalk complementary to other health care modalities?

BodyTalk complements any and all treatments from other energy modalities to conventional western medicine.  There are no contraindications for BodyTalk.  The body/mind complex will either allow for the shift in consciousness or not.  BodyTalk is a non-invasive type of therapy.  It honours all aspects of the individual and understands that health and vitality is an ongoing life journey.

Learn the Cortices Technique

The founder of BodyTalk wanted to share one of the foundational techniques with the world as it is so important to health and well-being.  To learn this incredibly simple yet profoundly effective technique Press Here

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