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About HelioSol System

The HelioSol System is an alternative health care system created by Sylvia Muiznieks in 2017 and brought to the world in 2018. The system utilizes a person’s inner natural healing forces to shift their perspective on life. This shift in perspective can release stress, and lead to extraordinary changes on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). These changes influence many areas such as health, abundance, relationships, career and even how you manifest.  The key focus is the heart - the harmonizer and only organ in the body to fully be able to access the energy of universal consciousness.

HelioSol is a powerful, consciousness-based system. HelioSol utilizes a blend of concepts from western and eastern thinking, spiritual and scientific understanding to achieve transformation. 

The core of the system is based on the idea that everything, including a human being, consists of frequencies or vibrations. These frequencies exist as light waves. Our physical form is a reflection and collection of these waves. We use the information contained in light to shift imbalances in a person (mind, body, spirit). In response to the technique, the body raises or lowers its frequencies to achieve harmony.


The HelioSol Technique is the sole technique for the HelioSol System and can be used as a stand-alone or as a download when doing a HelioSol session. The technique is easy to learn. Consistent practice can generate profound changes in a person’s life. The fuel for this change is moving from one’s personal consciousness to remembering it is universal consciousness. The ultimate basis for healing is shifting from the separateness of the personal to the wholeness of the universal. 

I had the privilege to be part of the original group of certified HelioSol System practitioners.  In November of 2018 I learned about the HelioSol Technique and in February 2019 was certified as a HelioSol System practitioner.  Shortly thereafter, I became an instructor of the HelioSol Technique along with the advanced versions of the technique in 2022.  This modality has allowed me to provide a unique perspective to my clients in their healing experience.  I have also used the HelioSol System extensively myself for my own uses, be it self care, emergency care or manifestation.  It truly is a wondrous modality that taps into the innate energy of the universe and opens up new possibilities of how to experience and express this reality.

Above is a short video of my personal experience with the HelioSol Technique when I injured myself while mountain biking.  Check it out!

HelioSol logo.jpg

To learn more about the HelioSol System please press the button below to be directed to the official HelioSol System website.

HelioSol picture representing whitle light entering from universal consciouness into the breathing tube to facilitate healing
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