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Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is the governing source of energy within the body/mind.  It is also the greatest potential energy that can be unlocked to allow a person to awaken and transcend to a higher level of consciousness.  It is this incredible energy that can be overwhelming, especially if the person does not understand what is happening to them.


Who is experiencing Kundalini?

Natural Kundalini awakening occurs in approximately 1% of the population.  In Calgary alone this means that around 16,400 individuals are experiencing Kundalini awakening right now!  These people are ready on some level to shed an aspect of their ego and reveal a higher level of consciousness and personal/universal understanding.  In order to undergo this type of powerful transformation there can be very dramatic physical, emotional and neurological changes.  At times during this process the person may feel like they are having a nervous breakdown.  In essence this is true as the mind and brain are undergoing a major paradigm shift and there is a rewiring of the nervous system.  Unfortunately, western medicine has limited knowledge regarding Kundalini energy and its effects on the body and mind and so “treatment” of the Kundalini symptoms through medication and/or psychological therapies have little positive effect.


Signs and Symptoms of Kundalini energy.

There are numerous symptoms of a natural Kundalini awakening.  Listed below are some of the more common experiences:

  1. Involuntary shaking, jerking, sensation of electricity pulsating throughout the body;

  2. Sudden tipping back of the head, arching of the body, tingling sensations in the body;

  3. Uncontrollable outbursts of emotion such as crying, laughing, sighing;

  4. Intense changes in body temperature and cold perspiration;

  5. Increase in sensory awareness and heightened sensitivity;

  6. Mind racing, mind very still, or alternating back and forth;

  7. Sensation of snakes slithering all over the back and spine;

  8. Panic attacks, insomnia, feelings of overwhelm, fear of insanity;

  9. Heightened emotions from fear, anxiety, guilt to depression;

  10. Thyroid imbalances and malfunction;

  11. Dark Night of the Soul – an aspect of the false ego being dismantled;

  12. Exaggeration of any prior medical conditions or diseases;

  13. Extreme fatigue to the point that the person cannot get out of bed for days or weeks;

  14. Euphoric feelings and calmness of the mind and body.


Kundalini and the nervous system.

Kundalini has its greatest effect on the nervous system.  The nervous system in turn governs the meridians, chakras, endocrines, organs, tissues and all cells of the body.

Understanding Kundalini energy.

What needs to be understood is that Kundalini awakening is a natural process. The symptoms being experienced are manifesting due to blockages or imbalances that are being amplified by the Kundalini energy attempting to pass through.

Kundalini energy.

Kundalini awakening is something that cannot be altered or stopped.  As a pathway to higher consciousness, the Kundalini process may be a lifetime experience for the participant.  BodyTalk and HelioSol honor that this experience is what is meant to unfold for that person.  However, there are specific techniques that can be used to assist with the release of the blockages that are creating the intense symptoms.  Also, as a practitioner trained in this area I can also provide much needed understanding and resources so the individual does not feel alone or helpless during this time of transition.

In May of 2012 I unexpectedly started my journey of Kundalini awakening while attending a BodyTalk course.  To date it has been an incredible experience of awareness, integration, challenges and surrender.  With my own personal history with Kundalini and my education through the BodyTalk Eastern Medicine course, I have extensive experience and knowledge to share with others regarding Kundalini.  In my experience, education and proper support are imperative to allow for the process to unfold in a nourishing and productive way.  It is important to understand that a rise in a person's Kundalini is not something that can be initialed at will, but rather is the product of a body and mind that is ready at some degree to utilize the higher levels of consciousness that the Kundalini provides.  If you or someone you know may be going through a Kundalini awakening, it is important to find support that will allow for this powerful transformation to occur with minimal interference.  This journey is an amazing experience and it is important to have support throughout the transcending process.

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