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My story with plant based medicine started over a year ago when a BodyTalk client of mine asked if I had ever tried Ayahuasca.  The first thing I asked was "What is Ayahuasca?"  She explained that it is a plant based medicine from the Amazon rain forest that allows you to go very deep into your spiritual awareness.  She praised the healing experiences she had and indicated that it would be a great idea for me to explore that avenue.  I was curious at that time, but not interested in doing anything "illicit" (at least that is what I thought it was).  As time passed and a couple more clients of mine talked about plant based medicine and I really started to question what was all the hype. A friend of mine did some research and came across a video called The Reality of Truth.  Below is the link to that video which essential sold me in wanting to take my healing to the next level. 

Being a "virgin" when it came to experimenting with plant medicine, I wanted to do this in a very safe and nurturing environment.  When I found out that Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica was accredited and regulated by the Costa Rica Health Ministry and was the only certified plant medicine center in the world, I felt that was the place I wanted to go.  Not only do they offer the plant medicine in traditional and sacred ceremonies, they are also fully licensed with medical staff on site.  Knowing that I could experience the plant medicine in a location that was not only warm (+33C which at home it was -20C) I could feel safe as I was supported throughout the seven day retreat.  So my friend and I booked ourselves in and we flew to Costa Rica on January 5.


From the minute we landed in Costa Rica to when we flew home seven days later, we were taken care of by the staff and members of Rythmia.  We did not have to do anything but be present and willing to receive and allow. 

My experience at Rythmia was so overpowering and transformative that I am still processing all that had transpired.  Below is a video done by a prior attendee of Rythmia which I found on YouTube.  The ironic thing is that this lady is describing the exact room that my friend and I stayed at, #38!

The beautiful thing about Rythmia is that the founder, Gerry Powell, set up the retreat to fully support and integrate with the plant medicine so that you have a more profound and deeper experience.  It is not just about taking the medicine; it is about understanding what is coming up for you, having the support of qualified practitioners to hold space for you and collaborating with other attendees who are going through their own experience and sharing them so you realize you are not alone, but part of an amazing group of people all healing and supporting each other through this amazing experience.  I had my miracle and felt the amazing power of healing old wounds and having profound realizations of who I thought I was.  I know I am a different person and that I can now hold even more space for my clients than ever before.  By working through my limitations and blockages I now can bring a higher awareness and energy to my practice.  I have already been told by my clients that they have noticed the difference in me!

Now I would like to share that experience with anyone who is ready and willing to devote the time and energy into their own personal healing by going to Rythmia and receiving their own miracle.  As an incentive, I am offering a gift of 5 BodyTalk sessions to anyone who has never been to Rythmia Life Advancement Center and who books with Rythmia on or before March 1, 2020.  In order to receive your complimentary BodyTalk gift package all you need to do is advise Rythmia at the time of booking that you were referred by Cheryl Ramsay and then just send me an email so I know that you have booked.  This is a $599 Cnd gift from me to you for booking your own miracle!  BodyTalk sessions can be done in person if you live in Calgary, or they can be done over Skype, What's App or even over the phone.  This is a limited time offer so if you were already planning to go, this is an added bonus!  What the plant medicine does and the classes that are offered at Rythmia are consistent with the philosophy and teachings of BodyTalk and so they will work synergistically together.  I would be honoured to have you take advantage of this life changing opportunity.

If you have any questions or comments with respect to either my experience with the plant medicine or with Rythmia, please feel free to reach out to me. 

Coming Back to Reality:  Spiritual Retreat Integration

Fellow Rythmia participant, Becky Prater eloquently provides insight and advice on how to integrate back into life after a Spiritual Retreat experience.  Please click here for her perspective.

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